Client: Posten (the Swedish post office)

Title: Stefan the Swopper

Our brief was to stimulate the posting of parcels and increase the knowledge about Posten’s services among youth, without spending one penny on media. The solution was Stefan the Swopper, a 28 years old lifestyle artist from Stockholm who was sick and tired of all his belongings and therefore decided to swap them. Everything from his apartment to toothbrush had to go within one month.

The hub of the campaign was based on utilising different social media channels. We created a website where users could see the whole of Stefan’s possessions and could suggest possible swaps. The Swedish Post Office sponsored Stefan with boxes and postage, so he could send all of these valuable possessions. In total 1750 different possible swaps where uploaded onto

It didn’t take long before this weird idea spread to blogs, newspaper and even the national TV picked up on the site creating an enormous PR effect.