It's never been easier to take pictures of yourself and publish them online via blogs and social networks. But what if they are modified or end up somewhere you never intended? Would you even know about it? Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think, especially to young people.


We decided to make it easier to keep track of your pictures online. We created Picture Protect - based on TinEye, a reverse image search engine.

How it works:

Submit your image to Picture Protect to find out where it has been spread, how it is being used and if modified versions exist. Sign up and every time your picture is published somewhere, you'll be notified. Inside the tool, Save the Children can use their expertise to further help people with advise and counselling.

Results (so far):

Over 330.000 picture protect searches in the first three months. The expression "to Picture Protect" is rapidly growing in the blogosphere.

But the only result that really matters is; for some kids out there, Picture Protect makes all the difference in the world.

Visit pictureprotect.org (prepared with Jerry Seinfeld).