The brief was to promote Audi’s powerful four-wheel drive, quattro. One that enables drivers to reach the most inaccessible places. No matter the road condition, terrain or weather.


Sweden is full of beautiful unexplored wide-open places that haven’t been documented. That’s despite the fact people share and uploads more than 60 million photos a day. Photos that contain lots of information including the geo position of where they were shot.


We launched Catch the Unseen. A campaign where we challenged everyone to explore Sweden and take the photo furthest away from any other geo tagged photo.
We created an algorithm that collected themetadata from Instagram and mapped all the geo tagged Instagram photos thatever been shot. By tagging your photo with #CatchTheUnseen and @AudiSweden, the algorithm could find the nearest Instagram photo and determine the distance to it. The winner was the one who took the photo with the largest distance to any other photo.

Campaign site

All photos and the results were posted on the campaign site in real time. By exploring an interactive map you could get help to find places the yet haven’t been documented and explored.

Click here to see campaign site


- We reached more than 500 000 Instagram users.

- The campaign site got more than 60 000 visitors.

- The perception of Audi being the leading brand in four-wheel drive increased by 24 percent.

- The amount of people preferring Audi in the premium car segment increased by 64 percent.